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My first solo exhibition, DEVOUR, exhibited in The Atrium Gallery at UNM-Taos in January 2019.  DEVOUR is an autobiographical exploration and investigative body of work created in 2016-2018. Each piece is driven by my search to find my feminist voice. Personal history and fears are the catalyst for the creation of this work, always beginning with psychological reflection. Regardless of the primary medium, I work through each piece in multiple layers by building up and tearing back the surfaces. What begins as my personal narratives evolves into interconnected universal themes. This transition not only becomes apparent in the work, but also provides an outlet for healing and empowerment. I continue to drastically change the surfaces until the tactile qualities reference our current sociopolitical climate, either through representation or abstraction. 


The work in DEVOUR is the result of looking to my past for creative influence while ultimately advocating for social change. I use traditional media such as clay, oil paint, drawing materials, and printmaking in an effort to redefine their uses in the 21st Century. Thousands of years of patriarchal control over the art world has resulted in too many rules on how this media must be used. I am interested in disrupting these traditions and restrictions in an effort to change the paradigm. Conceptually, I am making space for the female voice to interpret and critique feminist themes including personal agency, motherhood, and female empowerment.

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